Spheres and eyeballs !

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So this was a bit overwhelming to do at first so I got a bit angry and frustrated..well here we go.

First attempt at drawing spheres

As you can see I kinda sped up through the process ><;

I think I got a bit better but still don’t understand how to draw the transparent spheres

Now I start to draw eye balls.

Hmm I still can’t get the pupils right. I know the cornea is protruding outward but how the pupil is supposed to be confuses me..

Next I used a tutorial to go in depth about the spheres so I think it improved how I drew the transparent circles but I still make an almond shape when doing the halves.

Hmm as you can still see, the halves are a bit odd and getting the halves to make an ‘x’ to place the pupils on are a bit confusing for me ..


As  you  can see I did improved but the halves are a bit..’almond’ shaped..(mostly because I can only fit them in the circles is by doing that)  Any tips would be helpful!

Well, anyway, for an added bonus I’ll post up random sketches my friend suggested I do for fun. Not focusing on anything else but the expressions.

Well my friend said that I can pick some emoticons and then express them. I really like how the first Eevee head looks better than the second one I did. Not sure how I got the eye slits to look so good D:

First one above it is the first eevee I did. Well the other characters are Toon Link (a very tall one..I did that one in a hurry so not proud of that at all) and Sailor Moon…eh.

Well thanks for following me guys! 😀 Also constructive criticism or any tips are appreciated!


I’m back! Perspective practices

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Hello everyone! I’m back. Sorry I haven’t published in so long well..time to start up again.

So I’ve been working on perspective, circles and spheres and eyes recently. I’ll put the perspective practices I did in this post ~ Here we go!

Just random perspective boxes :3

Also still working on wetcanvas stuff so I was practicing. ~

Anyway here are more perspective practices : D

Here I corrected my sketch above and outlined it in Paint Tool Sai. It still looks a bit warped..

I also don’t know where to place the edge lines so it makes it look off >>;

And more stuffs ~

I think this turned out okay. I’m not used to drawing details ..because they never look right..

Well that’s all for perspective I’ve done. Constructive criticism is always welcomed as always! Thanks for reading!

Day 25 : A silo

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Kinda crooked but overall okay I think



Sorry it looks crooked. I did the bottom first but maybe I should have done the top part first. Next time I’ll try and do something more basic. owo;

Thank you for the support guys. I love every single one of you. ^-^

This is basically my first picture of drawing objects with cubes It’s kinda odd but I think I did alright . : D


Day 23

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Sorry for the wait. Its’ been pretty bad lately with my drawing anxiety. Any tips to over come this? 😮 Well here’s a redo of a redo I redoed


Day 16: Dice Redo

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So I went and tried to edit this. I really need a light box badly. I keep making it so sketchy and not clean.


Hopefully this looks better



Day 15 : Dice

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So , I keep on having trouble with making things look right. One of the reasons is that I am afraid to make mistakes…like I can’t stop making dark lines ( bad habit ) and then when I erase them …they make the picture look messy.

Well here are my dice for the Wet Canvas drawing lessons. I’m on Lesson 3 now! 😀

My die

Also do you guys mind if I post sketches and practices  pages I did like for my cubes and all ? I’m thinking of doing that to help me see an improvement on every page I do. What do you guys think?

Day 14 : practice post : 4 boxes in perspective

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Okay so this assignment for Wet canvas was to draw 4 boxes at different angles in perspective. I kept failing a lot so I didn’t want to post the first two drawings I did ( they were that awful )

So here’s the update pic. Hopefully it’s correct. I’ll try and post a screen shot if my friend will do a redline for me. Also thank you for sticking with me guys. It means a lot.